Accounting Services

Harrisburg forensic accounting

The provision of accounting services is becoming a major preference of some of our clients who have discovered the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of our accounting services compared to an internal accounting department. Our services cover a broad range of book-keeping, accounting and compliance tasks which ensure that the highest standard of reporting, disclosure and compliance in a timely and cost effective manner is maintained..

Specific tasks we deliver include the following:

  • Preparing relevant accounting source documents to serve as basis for the update of the accounting books
  • Updating the books of accounts with all relevant financial transactions
  • Raising transaction and correctional journals
  • Reconciling bank statements with cash books
  • Conducting periodic and surprise cash counts at all cash points
  • Conducting periodic and surprise stock checks at all stock locations
  • Performing cash reconciliations
  • Performing stock reconciliations
  • Preparing a fixed asset register for all property, plant and equipment held by the company
  • Conducting periodic impairment assessment of debtors and other assets held
  • Preparing and distribute periodic statement of accounts for debtors and creditors
  • Performing reconciliation of debtor and creditor balances
  • Extracting periodic trial balances for the preparation of periodic financial statements
  • Preparing periodic management and financial statements with appropriate variance analysis.

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