DKF Professionals

DKF Professionals was established in April, 2004 as a local partnership collectively owned and managed by three partners to engage in its core activity of providing statutory and forensic audits, investigation, and other assurance services plus ancillary professional advisory services in the areas of tax, accountancy and business advisory.

DKF Professionals has a strong multi-cultural dimension, with extensive experience in servicing global companies and a unique ability in coordinating multi-location engagements. The firm prides itself in providing a personal touch – backed by experience.

DKF Professionals is a dynamic, knowledge-driven public accounting firm serving local and multi-national clients with client success central to its business approach. At DKF Professionals, we fulfill clients’ needs from concept to completion and design, build and operate business solutions... more

Our Professional Services

Accounting Services

The provision of accounting services is becoming a major preference of some of our clients who have discovered the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of our accounting services compared to...more

Taxation Services

You can expect from our firm invaluable advice on tax matters. Individuals and organisations are required to obtain Tax Clearance Certificates as a prerequisite for engaging in certain...more

Forensic Audit

Establishing facts to support or refute suspected malfeasance, Identifying and quantifying the consequences, Assistance obtaining financing, Examining transactions that deviate...more

Audit Services

Our audit approach is an adaptable one which identifies the processing points where accounting controls should exist, evaluates only relevant and effective controls, highlights missing and...more


Tax Services

We issue specific reports on completion of specific assignments. For audit purposes, the following are issued: 1. Audit Opinion: A formal audit opinion confirming whether or...more

Special Services


Other special services we offer include cashflow planning and investment advisory, corporate finance, working capital management, project and feasibility studies, position profile...more