Our Fees

Harrisburg NC business consulting

Our fees are entirely time-related. Fees payable are based on the hourly rates of individuals assigned to the engagement. These rates vary according to the degree of responsibility involved and the experience and skill of the person involved.

Our fees are generally negotiated and agreed before the commencement of each assignment. The fee agreed on would also exclude any out-of-pocket expenses that may be necessarily incurred during the audit in travelling, printing and sending mails etc. These are kept to a minimum and in all cases recharged to Clients at cost. Our fees are billed in stages depending on the kind of service provided but generally follow the following pattern:

  1. 50% on commencement
  2. 40% on submission of draft report and
  3. 10% on submission of final report.

We serve growth-oriented, owner-managed businesses with expanding local and international requirements, institutions and non-profit organisations that require high quality specialist services at affordable costs. Call us at +233 (0) 501448378 today to learn more or request a consultation online and we’ll contact you in no time to set up an appointment with you.