Taxation Services

DKF Professionals

You can expect from our firm invaluable advice on tax matters. Individuals and organisations are required to obtain Tax Clearance Certificates as a prerequisite for engaging in certain transactions and we do assist clients when we are specifically requested, by representing them before the Commissioners of the Revenue Agencies for the purposes of reaching consensus on tax obligations and negotiating for payments.

The services delivered under this category comprise tax consulting and tax compliance services, details of which are set out below.

Tax Consulting Services

These services include:
  • Advising the Company about the tax consequences associated with new or proposed legislation
  • Advising the Company about the likely tax consequences of transactions or propose: transactions, organizational structures and the appropriate method(s) of restructuring and reporting transactions
  • Representing the Company before the tax authorities
  • Assisting in obtaining tax exemptions and tax clearance certificates for the Company’s business;

Tax Compliance Services

These services include:
  • Assisting management with the preparation and filing of the annual corporate income tax returns
  • Assisting in answering questions relating to the corporate income tax returns and agreeing the returns with the tax authorities
  • Reviewing assessment notices issued by the tax authorities, objecting to provisional assessments where necessary
  • Assisting in tax audits and investigations
  • Providing general information and advice on current tax developments that may affect clients.

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